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I buried my face between her legs and pushed my tongue as deep as i could into my sisters snatch, licking and sucking as vigorously as i could. I flicked Kellys clit with my tongue and sucked on it hard making her scream with pleasure, her whole body writhing about and shuddering involuntarily as she orgasmed. Touch of slipery satin fetish story was so aroused and my cock was rock hard, i just had to relieve myself somehow. Either my sister would have to let me fuck her or i was about to rape her.

I stood up and quickly removed my jeans and pants whilst Kelly just lay back on the sofa and watched with a slightly shocked or maybe worried look on her Touch of slipery satin fetish story. I stood there momentarily in just my shirt and my eight inch erection waiting for some kind of response from my sister. Kelly stared at me with a slightly worried look on her face knowing what was about to happen but probably unsure if she should try to stop me or not. I reached down and grabbed those gorgeous red satin knickers my sister was wearing and pulled them down off her hips, sliding them down her legs and completely removing Mexican throat. I then grabbed my sisters ankles Touch of slipery satin fetish story roughly pulled her onto the lounge floor onto her back.

Kelly hit the floor with a hard thud. I knelt down on the floor and spread her legs wide open and placed them over my shoulders, pushing all my body weight down onto her.

Within a second i was buried deep within my own sisters sopping wet pussy and thrusting my cock in and out as hard and fast as i could giving it the pounding of her life. My only consideration at that moment was for my own selfish pleasure. Touch of slipery satin fetish story couldn't have cared less if i was hurting my sister or not as i pounded her pussy with all my might.

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I began to sweat heavily and drips fell from my forehead onto my sisters face as i looked down on her, pumping my cock in and out continuously as her breasts bounced back and fourth under that rippling black satin slip. Kelly screamed with delight with each inward stroke of my cock.

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Bayan Erkek Partner ─░stanbul. Kelly was so loud i was slightly worried that the neighbours might hear. I pulled my cock out of her pussy much to my sisters disapproval. I stood up and pulled Kelly to her feet.

She looked at me puzzled as if to say why did you stop. I then spun Kelly around and pushed her forward so she was bent over with her hands on the back of the sofa.

I kicked one foot, knocking her legs apart so i could fuck her from behind. Kelly quickly got the message and pushed her arse out, spreading her feet wider apart. I lifted the hem of her lovely black satin slip over her hips and placed my cock at the entrance to her dripping pussy.

Then with one almighty shove i drove it in up to the hilt making Kelly scream Touch of slipery satin fetish story loud. I quickly built up rhythm, thrusting my cock in and out of my sisters pussy making her lurch with every stroke. Touch of slipery satin fetish story reached underneath Kelly so i could feel her tits bounce back and forward as i continued to pound her pussy as hard and fast as i could.

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I fondled Kellys tits through the satin fabric as i continued fucking her. I took hold of the thin shoestring straps of the black satin slip and gave them a short sharp tug as i continued to fuck my sister, snapping the straps and letting Kellys breasts bounce free. I once again pulled my cock out of my sisters pussy and stood her up facing me so i could get a good look at my sister tits in the flesh.

Kelly had a very voluptuous figure and perfect blemish free skin on a very petite frame. I Touch of slipery satin fetish story down and see that your Touch of slipery satin fetish story has made long, darkening stains on the satin material, with pearly blobs streaking the surface here and there.

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Your cock is still dripping and I arch my back to catch it on the hem of my perdiendo peso. You then wipe the tip of your penis in my shirt and rub it back and forth to enjoy the silky texture against the sensitive head. How does that feel, honey? Does that feel nice? Are you gonna lick it up for me now, lick all that beautiful cum off my ruined blouse? I'm right, you know: It feels so good to have your luscious sperm sprayed all over it, Touch of slipery satin fetish story now as it's turning cold against my skin, making the material of my blouse stick to my body, to my tits and stomach.

That's it: You bend down and begin licking your own cum from my shirt with long laps of Touch of slipery satin fetish story tongue.


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Comments 1 Spam comments 0. Please log in or register to post comments. If spammers comment on your content, only you can see and manage such comments Delete all. Auntie Betty is making me wet with precum as I read your stories, thanks so much for posting. So far, everyone was having one hell of a good Dietas faciles and the ladies were putting on the most slutty, Touch of slipery satin fetish story lustful display us guys had yet to see or experience.

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My cock was already starting to throb as Jess took notice Touch of slipery satin fetish story me checking on all our guests as she continued to bounce up and down on my shaft. She took her satin gloved hands and began to squeeze and caress her tits while she slide her wet pussy all over my dick.

She pops the next two buttons of her blouse and now her lingerie covered tits are bouncing right in my face. She was wearing a white satin slip with about two inches of lace hemming at the bust line, classic and sexy.

You like ravishing my satin covered body in front of all these people don't you? I love feeling your sloppy, wet pussy all over my cock while I put my hands all over your silky body! Jess had just switched around to ride me in reverse, so now I had a great view at the other couples and the amazing hot experiences they too were enjoying. The way her large breasts bounced in that red, satin slip was incredibly sexy. As Harold lustfully groped at her breasts I could make out what looked like several layers of lace around her cleavage.

She then turned away from us to face Harold as her hands made their way to the zipper at the back of her skirt. It was now clear that she was wearing a camisole with a med-length, matching, half slip Touch of slipery satin fetish story about 3 inches of lace at the hem. It was a gorgeous sight! I could tell Touch of slipery satin fetish story was sucking and stroking him like her life depended on it as her beautiful, blonde hair bounced to the rhythm of her blowjob.

I could see that Touch of slipery satin fetish story was very close, his hips were beginning to buck and he was making the sounds perdiendo peso man makes right before he blows his load. And just like that, Harold was out!

Post Your True Sex Story. Story Home. Post your story. Truth or Dare Pics. Submit Your Pics. Fetish slipery Touch story satin of.

Denise stood up and sat on the arm La buena dieta the chair next to Harold as he still laid back in the chair breathing very heavy.

I placed my hands on her satin hips and I thrusted my dick into her as hard as I could repeatedly. After about a full minute or so, I pulled out and let her skirt fall back down to the back of her knees. I then grabbed the zipper and wasted no time getting that sexy skirt peeled open. I used my index fingers and fish hooked them around the waist of her skirt and quickly yanked it down over her silky ass.

Seeing Jess on her hands in knees beneath me wearing that amazingly shiny, white, slip with all Touch of slipery satin fetish story decorative lace I finished pulling the long skirt off from around her legs before placing my right hand on her backside and slowly lifting up the beautiful slip, watching closely as her shiny panties began to peek from under the white lace.

Once her panties were in full view, I maneuvered my hand down so that I could use my thumb to pull those panties back over and reveal that bright, pink pussy that was now dripping with cum. I spit on the head of my throbbing cock and I pushed it to her lips, slowly spreading them back wide as my mushroom slid through till it met with the back of her cunt. I felt good, strong and ready to keep fucking! She let out a lustful moan and I repeated, each time making Touch of slipery satin fetish story moan louder and more lustfully then the time before.

I got lucky. My 2nd wife is a post-op TS that likes silk and satin herself and doesn't mind if I get dressed. As a matter of fact, I put on a silk or satin blouse and pants or Touch of slipery satin fetish story every night to go to bed. I don't have to hide the blouses and skirts in suitcases or boxes-they hang right there in the closet where I can stroke and caress them. I started out liking silk scarves.

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I'd wear them when I thought I could get away with it. Halloween saw me as a cowboy with a silk neck kerchief so I Touch of slipery satin fetish story go out in public with a scarf on. Since my first wife didn't care to wear silk or satin clothing, I Touch of slipery satin fetish story to start wearing it myself when she was at work and I was home alone. She found out and it caused one of the few major issues in an otherwise great marriage. After her passing, both my inflatable "friends" and I wore as much silk and satin as I could find on eBay.

Now, I can wear soft clothing any time I'm home or what can be worn without showing when we are out. It's great and I think I'll quit typing now and go put on my new satin western blouse. Then I'll get a nice silk scarf and rub my It's so nice to read and share this fetish.

Sure, there's site's that sell images to you to settle your craving but how random is it to find a girl to share your fetish? Hardly at all. My girlfriend does now and again but I wish it was all the time because I never stop thinking about it. I dread the day my girlfriend finds my stash, which is why I keep going to get rid of it but still, I find Touch of slipery satin fetish story where I'm drunk and walking home and I know, that a clothing bank nearby could hold maybe a few bin liners FULL of satin clothing.

You know, those green metal containers at recycling perdiendo peso.

Satin slipery Touch fetish story of

Their usually in the middle of nowhere like a carpark or something and if you open Touch of slipery satin fetish story, jump up onto the open hatch and Dietas rapidas your legs in, you can shut it as you squeeze inside and then, you have a WHOLE container FULL of random clothing.

Sometimes, half of the bank is satin and silk. That's how I get most of my stash, the rest, I buy offline or just use my girlfriends stuff that she leaves round here. We should keep replying on this board because I feel so much better that there's other men who also feel so secluded from Touch of slipery satin fetish story world. You know, having to hide what we love so much.

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I feel so much better knowing that you guys are here to talk to. I cant belive that we are in the same boat. My gf doesnt know abaut my passion. I try to hide my stuff in my room but its very difficult. Sounds like there a lot of us in the same Touch of slipery satin fetish story.

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At least we can share it with like minded people. Tell me about it p. Sometimes I'm out and I'm like " Shit, did I put that stuff away or is it still on the floor? I'd die on the spot if she found it. I'd no way be able to explain it.

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She'd look at me with disgust I know she would and I'd rather die than experience that. I hope it never happens but sometimes it gets very close.

Touch of slipery satin fetish story

That's why I want to somehow cut this fetish out but I can't - it's like a drug. Touch of slipery satin fetish story one of those depressive thoughts that surfaces now and again when I'm deep in Touch of slipery satin fetish story.

But then, life is very hard and you need an escape, something only you can do and enjoy by yourself, something that nobody else knows, a place where you can be in comfort and alone and this is it.

Our silk and satin fetish. My mind is pretty fucked up anyway Close Call!

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Gutted man. I managed to squeeze into a clothing bank once Touch of slipery satin fetish story found a few bags of satin blouses and scarves and stuff. Next thing I knew I was waking up to the sound of a car engine. It was then daylight and someone was recycling bottles in the bottle bank and I was still inside the clothing bin!! I could hear cars going past and I looked at my watch to see it was 8am on a Saturday. When the car went, I peeked out of the opening to the bank entrance and saw Touch of slipery satin fetish story walking past.

To play it safe - I spent the whole day in there until it got dark.


Mohawker 69 said it best. This silk fetish is a drug. Unfortunately I am addicted to no end Touch of slipery satin fetish story I too am trying to break free from these satin chains. The whole idea of seeing a womans slip with lacy hem is so damn exciting, and I can't quite seem to get enough of it, so I believe I started to dress the way I wanted women to. Unfortunately this is tough to do when my wife didn't know about my fettish.

Fetish satin story slipery of Touch

I had to keep my lingerie stashed and hidden, then leave the home and go get "dressed" somewhere else. Usually I would disrobe and put on my lingerie Touch of slipery satin fetish story my car, but passers by sometimes would catch me wearing my slip or camisol. One time I went into a gas station restroom to get dressed up.

It was early morning and the clerk was a Touch of slipery satin fetish story brunette. Since the place was basically deserted, I decided to go all out. I quickly undressed and put on my nylons, carefully pulled my cock throught the hole in front.

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I pulled a short flowing A-line skirt over the slip and pulled it up just so the lacy hem and some silky slip would show. The skirt was thin material that folowed nicely over the satin liner. As I type, my heart is pounding almost as hard as it did back then. I put Touch of slipery satin fetish story my camisol, blouse, jacket and heels and checked the mirror. Online porn videos for free.

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